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What to expect from the course

Aims of the course:

  1. Learn to build a genuine solid log home.
  2. Learn to build it without a mortgage.
  3. Learn to build it in the most environmentally sustainable way possible.

The course is a  intensive weekend seminar on log home building.

I have arranged it this way to allow people who are working or otherwise busy during the week to be able to attend the course without interrupting their weekly activities.

Times: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Saturday and Sunday.

Places are strictly limited, therefore, if you would like to attend, please contact me ASAP.

A comprehensive Log Home Building Class Manual is supplied, which covers all the course material and also has tons of further, essential and interesting information, with everything from sourcing your own timber, felling, moving, processing, portable sawmills, planking, treating, seasoning, building drywall, and much more (too much to mention here) - in short "everything you need to know" and some things you didn't even realize you needed to know.

The Log Home Building Class Manual is is only available to students who attend the course and is not for sale.

All tools needed for the course are supplied, Students only need to bring a pen or pencil.

All lectures are given in English only.
Coffee & Tea with biscuits are provided throughout the weekend.
Bring food for yourself for Saturday.
Bring a plate of food to share for Sunday lunch for an enjoyable feast.

On completion of the course you will leave with the full knowledge and confidence to build your own log home, regardless of physical strength, or experience.
Afterwards I will be available to give technical advice at no charge by phone or email to students who have completed the course.

Some of what I cover:

  1. All aspects of constructing a butt and pass log home from scratch.

  2. Environmental aspects of log home building.

  3. Financing your log home with your own cash (building without a mortgage).

  4. Suitability of timber species and treatment.

  5. Suitability and use of different types of roofing materials.

  6. Log sawing demonstration (subject to availability of logs).

  7. Design of structure and selection of site.

  8. Chainsaw safety and general work safety.

  9. Tools which you require and how to acquire them cheaply.

  10. Methods and mechanicals of sourcing, harvesting, peeling and transporting timber.

  11. 3 different methods of Foundations.

  12. Rigging and lifting gear and how to move heavy weights easily.

  13. Constructing Walls, floors and roof (including insulation and ventilation).

  14. A practical demonstration on accurate scribe fitting, with an opportunity to try it yourself.

  15. Fitting doors and windows.

  16. And much more....

Building a log home is probably the most fun you can have that is still legal.

Where does the course take place?

The course is held at my personal log home (all pictures on this website) located in  Wilderness Heights, Garden Route, South Africa.

What type of people attend a course like this? Is it just for people who want to build a log home?

You name it, all sorts of people, whether they want to build a log home or not.

I have had Secretaries, Advocates, Engineers, Builders, Politicians, Artists, Personal trainers, Salesmen, Electricians, Plumbers, Gas fitters, Farmers, Truck drivers, Game rangers, Teachers, University students, Irrigation specialists, industrial chemists, Journalists, Chemists, Photographers, Oil rig maintenance engineers, Quantity surveyors, Computer programmers, an exotic bird breeder, Estate agents, a psychologist, Fitter and Turners, Musicians, Architects, Structural engineers, and many more - you name it, people from all walks of life.

What sort of age are your students?

I have had students between the ages of 14 to 80 years old.

At what stage in my building project should I attend this course?

Right at the beginning! Before you get too fixed on your site and design.

I recommend that anybody who is considering building a home, whether using logs or not, should attend. The course will pay for itself many, many times over. A large part of the course is geared towards building economically, therefore finance forms a very important core subject throughout.

When you buy or build a home, it is often the largest personal investment that many people make in their lifetime, why would you trust someone else with your money? You need to be in control, without knowledge you could be taken advantage of.

The course fee will be the smallest, but most important money that you spend on the entire project.

The cost of your house will be influenced by many factors, including but not limited to: site selection, design, finishes, materials, etc.all of this is covered during the course.

South African log home builders association membership.

Membership is only available to people who have completed the course.

Membership is free and automatic, you will never be asked to pay any further fees, subs or dues.

Membership gives you free access and allows you to freely add information to our database.

This is the largest online database of log home building and related information in South Africa.

This allows you to exchange information with other members of the association, through our internet forums, regardless of where in the world you are or when you did the course.

Where do people come from for a course like this, how far do they travel?

Students travel from all corners of South Africa, our association has members in almost every city and town, some more than others, too many to mention.

We may be the South African Log Home Builders Association, however we do not restricted our membership to South Africans only, we have a rapidly growing international membership.

We also have members in Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Botswana, Zambia, Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and the list is growing.

Course fees.

If you think that education is expensive, you should try ignorance.

The course fee is R4000.00

Everyone who has completed the course agrees that the course fee is a bargain.

To give you some idea of what people thought of the course, and whether they thought it was worth it, please read the testimonials page.

Association privacy policy statement
We respect peoples privacy.
Any details supplied during booking and at any other time are treated as strictly confidential and will never be sold, shared or otherwise distributed or divulged.
We do not have partnerships, agreements, deals, etc, with any other organizations, businesses or institutions.
We do not hand out our members details as references.
We do not share or trade our members list with anyone.
We are an independent organization which is run on the basis of honesty, integrity and respect.

South African Log Home

Builders Association