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Free Information and tutorials about some of the fun things that I enjoy doing.

These tutorials are currently being developed.
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Sawing an oversize log
Cutting an oversize log.
How to cut an oversize log on an flimsy little undersized logsaw, which is almost certainly too small for the job.
link to the 1 minute Stompie stoofie
Stompie stoofie
A most economical, quick and clean way to make a very effective wood stove for cooking your breakfast, stywepap, potjiekos or anything else for that matter.

Making a granite table
Granite coffee table
Fred Flintstone table.

4 easy steps to make a cheap granite topped coffee table

What to do with a really big log.
Big log
What to do if you happen to come across a really big  log.

This is just the beginning.
I have plenty of ideas, which take a while to compile and will be added regularly, you will need to check for updates.