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How to make a cheap coffee table - the log home builders way.

Step 1: Get a slab of granite.

Find a suitable piece of off-cut granite and bring it home.
On the slab. Connor, trying it for size, seems a good fit.
Nice and warm if it has been in the sun for a while.

A nice slab of granite

I found this piece lying outside a granite cutting company in our local industrial area.
The owner left a message "if you can pick it up, you can have it". Now, to me that amounts to a direct challenge. Are you scared af a challenge? I am not. We are looking at about 1ton here - should be easy.

Step 2: Pick it up

Rigging a chainblock

One of the really handy things about living in a butt and pass log home, is the ability to use the house structure as a gantry for picking up things.
Here I have hung a 1 1/5 ton chainblock on a caplog.

Holding the granite slab

The slab is being restrained with a small 1.5 ton chain winch to prevent it from swinging in toward the house when it is lifted.
The ropes are 19mm polypropylene, breaking strain 3.4 tons, - plenty strong. This allows us to control everything nice and safely.
At this stage it would make a good wrecking ball, probably how it was invented as a matter of fact. Although, even if it got away from me, due to the solid nature of this house, it would not do any damage.

a heavy slab
Once the slab is lifted enough to clear the deck, the chain winch is slacked off until the slab hangs freely.
Take note of the extra bracing prop installed under the deck, the joists are only 50 X 150, I was doubtful that they would hold the weight.
bringing the slab in

It was then necessary to pull the slab in, under balcony above, using the chain winch again.

Step 3: Move to final position

the slab on rollers

Drop it onto some log rollers. Move to the final position.

Step 4: Set up level and test.
the final test
Jack it up with a high lift jack, cut some short logs for legs.
The table is positioned directly on top of a foundation pillar underneath the deck.
The table is ready for testing. The result is a PASS.
A couple of nice things about this table:
There where a few spots of PVA paint on the slab, I cleaned these off with Acetone and then Caustic soda.

If you are considering doing this:

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