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Frequently asked questions and comments

Q: Can I really build my own log home after spending just 2 days on your course?
A: Yes - it is not rocket science, the course covers all the necessary information needed to build your own log home.

Q: Is your course suitable for a woman?
A: Yes, no problem at all, about 40% of my students are women.

Q: Building a home yourself looks like a lot of work.
A: Nowhere near as much work as paying a mortgage for 20 years.

Q: I am 76 years old, would I be able to do the course?
A: Yes, no problem, last weekend I had an 80 year old student.

Q: I can't afford a mortgage, can I really build my own home for cash?
A: Of course, if you follow what I teach and do the work yourself.

Q: How much does it cost to attend the course?
A: Please check the Course content page.

Q: How often do you hold the courses?
A: The plan was 3 or 4 times per year when I have the time, however the demand has been crazy and I have been getting booked up months in advance, so have had to schedule more. These get announced on the website about 2 months in advance - keep checking or ask me to put you on the email notification list.

Q: Does using logs to build your home affect the insurance premiums?
A: No, only if you put thatch on the roof (which I don't recommend).

Q: Can I build any size home using this method?
A: Yes, you can build anything from your outhouse to the Taj Mahal - Ok, just kidding, the Taj Mahal may be a bit ambitious for most people.

Q: Can I build an octagonal shaped log house?
A: Sure, I don't see why not.

Q: Is this method of building accepted by Municipal planning departments.
A: So far I have not found a Municipality that does not accept this method - read SANS 10400 (look for link in downloads), particularly section 4 - Functional regulations.

Q: Will you build my house for me?
A: No, I teach people to build their own homes. I'll teach you and then you can build as many houses as you like.

Q: Is it possible to purchase just the workbook and not attend the course?
A: No, the workbook is only available to students who attend the course.

Q: Can a complete kit be ordered and erected on my site?
A: No, this method of building does not lend itself to "kit style building".

Q: Do you give a certificate?
A: Yes, you get a nice certificate to proudly hang on your wall.

Q: Do you have standard floor plans available for sale?
A: No, I teach you how to design your own home, standard plans are not necessary.

Q: Do you need to draw up plans and submit them before commencing construction?
A: Yes, it is exactly the same as any other type of construction.

Q: Can I build a solid log home on stilts above the ground?
A: No, not stilts, I will teach you much better ways of doing foundations.

Q: If you must submit plans, do you need to use a qualified architect (as a matter of legality)?
A: Yes, the draftsperson or Architect must be registered with SACAP, just like any other type building.

Q: How can you say that cutting down trees is environmentally sustainable?
A: The trees that I recommend are all alien species and are required by law to be removed, I suggest that you replant with indigenous species so that your grandchildren will have something to build with.

Q: I live in Johannesburg, Wilderness is a long way to travel, is the course available around here?
A: No, sorry, the course is not portable, my house weighs over 200 tons and is too wide for most roads. Everyone who has been here totally agrees that the trip is worth it, some regard it as a short holiday and enjoy some extra time in Wilderness.

Q: Can I send my brother on the course as a birthday present?
A: Yes, it makes an excellent and unusual birthday present, which he will never forget and will change his life forever.

Q: How much does it cost to build a log home?
A: I have spent R880 per sq/m building my house as a complete all-in project. The average cost of conventional building is around R7000 per sq/m.

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