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What I do.

I present a weekend Log Home Building Course, which, in just 2 days teaches you all the methods and techniques required to build your own, environmentally sustainable,  genuine log home or cabin, economically.

You do not need to be particularly practical and no previous construction experience is necessary.

All courses are taught in my own hand built log home in Wilderness Heights, Garden Route, South Africa (pictured on this website).

Even if you do not intend to construct your own home, this course will teach you what to look out for if someone else builds for you. You will also learn to how to personally use all the required tools.

The course is structured to be easily understood by people of all abilities.  I focus on teaching sound, tried and tested principles.

Course graduates automatically become members of the South African Log Home Builders Association. This Association allows graduates to interact with each other to share ideas, pictures, information--all contributing to increased knowledge on log home building. We are now Africa's largest database on the subject.

Scheduled Course dates

Next course date


5th & 6th May 2018

4 spaces

4th & 5th August 2018

8 spaces

3rd & 4th November 2018

8 spaces

Booking a space

If you would like to book to attend one of the course dates above, send me an Email to check the availability and to get a link to the booking form.

New course date Notifications.

If you would like to attend, but don't see a date that suits you, put yourself onto the course notification email list - click here to join the notification list (we will never spam you and you can easily unsubscribe at any stage).

Course fee R4000

Top 10 reasons for building and living in a real log home:

  1. Uses truly sustainable resources - trees can re-grow many times during the life- span of the house.

  2. Structurally very simple and strong - hurricane and earthquake resistant.

  3. Very low maintenance - no sealing or painting inside or out.

  4. Cheap: It is far less work to build your own log home than it is to work & pay off a 20 year mortgage.

  5. Life span of structure can be 100+ years.

  6. No special skills required. - can be built by any able bodied person - on their own.

  7. Minimal equipment required - all equipment can fit in the boot of a car and be carried to site.

  8. Fun: Building a log home is probably the most fun you can have which is still legal.

  9. Great thermal insulation factor - natural temperature regulation - cheap to live in.

  10. Very healthy to live in - read 'Wood, people and health'- 2.7mb.  Log homes are aesthetically pleasing and very comfortable, unsealed logs naturally maintain a healthy balance of indoor air moisture levels.


South African Log Home Builders Association

Log Home building course

Teaching you to build your own quality log home in a 2 day course.

Can be done with tools that fit in the boot of your car.